Our Mission

Our mission thrives on the current working model that we follow, which leads to reaching more and more people and educating them about the safe disposal of E-waste. We at e-Junki believe that sensitization of the people about the improper disposal of E-waste is necessary. Individuals from society need to be enlightened about the sustainable recycling model.

Apart from spreading awareness among the individuals, our mission is to manage India's Electronic waste as a resource, promoting sustainable, environmentally sound, and cost-effective practices through an integrated system of waste reduction, reuse, recycling, innovative technology, customer service, and education. We at e-Junki believe in Rethink.Relive.Recycle

Our Vision

The Vision of e-Junki is to push a drive of formal organization in the most unorganized sector of E-waste in India. While incorporating legal orientation in the E-waste sector, we are committed to taking utmost care of people dealing in the informal sector of E-waste and want to be a respectable & reliable company in the E-waste Management industry.

e-Junki expresses its aspiration of what it wants to accomplish in the coming years. Our visionary founders are committed:

  • To reduce the amount of waste by promoting individual and corporate responsibility.
  • To recover waste for its highest and best use while balancing rates and services.
  • To transform our business from burying waste to utilizing waste as a resource.
  • To eliminate the need for landfills.
Founder's Message
  • foundersImg Devansh Chopra Founding Partner

    E-junki is an extended arm of Sorditenture LLP. E-junki was founded by Devansh Chopra, a Digital Marketer by profession and Entrepreneur by heart.

    Devansh carries a vision to save the environment from depletion and spread awareness about how electronics can damage our environment. Devansh always had a spark for Entrepreneurship and Marketing his brands & businesses in the global market. He started his first venture in 3rd year of his engineering for Electronic Waste Recycling which is now known as E-junki (Ejunki link to He started Sorditenture LLP in 2020 which works in Digital Marketing and E-waste management company with the mission to build a big brand name in the market and take his dream project towards a successful path of Entrepreneurship in India.

    His personality to lead the team and work together has given him an upper edge to penetrate the Market of India somewhat with ease.

    His passion for executing different business ideas and advising other startup founders makes him a people person and a successful Entrepreneur.

  • foundersImg Aditya Rai Co-Founder & Partner

    E-junki was incorporated under the Parent company SORDITENTURE LLP in 2020 by Co-Founder Aditya Rai, a Digital Marketing enthusiast and a Social Entrepreneur.

    Since the early age of graduation, Aditya’s inclination towards business and being an entrepreneur was there with the hint of getting hands in the social cause. In the year 2016, he joined World Vision India, wherein he was immersed in the project of building a sanitization facility for villagers carried on by the NGO in rural parts of India.

    This instinct of doing something for a social cause became the sole reason to incorporate an Ewaste Management Company in 2020. Seeing the staggering rate of technological advancement, an environmentalist like Aditya doesn't fail to understand the awful condition of the environment due to pollution from improper disposal of the obsolete & outdated Ewaste at landfills. The initiative and idea behind incorporating e-Junki were more of serving society instead of doing business.

What is e-waste?
Ewaste or Electronic Waste is an informal name of Electrical or electronic devices attaining their end-of-life cycle. The term Ewaste is use for those electronic/electrical devices that are routed for recycling, refurbishment, reuse, or complete disposal via the sustainable scientific method. According to Central Pollution Control Board, all the electronic equipment that is broken, old, obsolete, and outdated come under the definition of the Ewaste or Electronic Waste. The items listed as Ewaste includes all consumer electronic such as Refrigerator, Television, Air conditioner, T.V. remote, Mixer Juicer, etc. not limited to this only. Ewaste includes Industrial electrical equipment as well along-with medical waste and Batteries.

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